On April 17th, the citizens of Ottawa will choose their commissioners who will lead them for the next four years. You deserve a commissioner who will lead and take charge. Ottawa doesn’t need another commissioner to Monday morning quarterback a problem, grandstand on meaningless issues, or claim to be a watch dog of the people.

Ottawa needs a commissioner who will be a leader and that person is Brent Barron. Brent will listen to your concerns, and find solutions to your problems.
  • Brent Barron has lived almost his entire life in Ottawa. He is married and has two children and resides on the south side of Ottawa. He has an Associate Degree from IVCC and a Bachelors Degree in Economics from Illinois State University.
  • Brent Barron has served on the Ottawa Plan Commission with distinction for the last 8 years. He assisted in drafting, implementing and enforcing Ottawa’s first ever comprehensive plan. The same plan that is currently being used to guides Ottawa’s current growth and is actively involved in revising the Zoning Ordinance for the City of Ottawa.
  • Brent Barron served on the Form of Government Committee that made suggestions on improving Ottawa’s system of government. Brent believes that further changes need to be made, to make our government more accountable and efficient while still delivering the same level of excellent service.
  • Brent has raised voluntary contributions in excess of $56,000 to the Ottawa Tree Fund. With those funds, the Ottawa Tree Board has planted over 650 trees to help beautify our community in the last 8 years and distributed over 1500 saplings to Ottawa’s grade school children on Arbor Day. Brent also served on the North Side Gateway Beautification Committee suggesting ways to improve our north side entrance area around I-80 and North Columbus Street to make it more appealing to residents and visitors. Those recommendations will hopefully guide future changes in improving the landscaping, lighting, signage, and pedestrian access to the north side business district.
  • Brent Barron is dedicated to making Ottawa a better community. He has served on the Board of Directors for Easter Seals of LaSalle and Bureau Counties, and was the immediate past President of the Easter Seals Board. He also was a member of the Board of Directors of Residents Against a Polluted Environment, and helped keep Ottawa from become a hazardous waste dumping ground. Brent battled with previous City Councils to get the Radium Dial and Luminous Process building areas cleaned up and will continue to work to get the remaining contaminated radium sites in Ottawa cleaned up.
  • Brent is Vice President of AFGE Local 648, and represents over 300 members employed by in a four state area. He has made frequent trips to Washington DC on behalf of his local to meet with the congressional delegations in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Minnesota, and knows his way around the halls of Congress. Brent is a national delegate to AFGE and to National Council of Field Labor Locals.
  • Brent has been endorsed by; The Illinois Valley AFL-CIO Central Labor Council and The Illinois Valley Building Trades Council

I thank everyone who supported me in the primary election, and I look forward to your continued support. I’m not in this race for any financial gain or need to fill up my spare time. I have dedicated my whole life to improve the lives of others. I believe I posses the qualities and experience to bring a new vision to the City Council of Ottawa. That is why I am seeking the position of Commissioner in my hometown. I want Ottawa to continue to work towards moving forward and with your help, we can get there together.

I am a self-funded candidate, and have not accepted any financial support from any individuals or groups. I am asking for your trust that I will serve you and the rest of the citizens of Ottawa with distinction and pride.
Thank you for your time and attention, I would appreciate your vote on Tuesday, April 17.

Brent Barron

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