Vote for BRENT BARRON on APRIL 7, 2015
— Commissioner of the CIty of Ottawa —
On April 7th, the citizens of Ottawa will choose their commissioners who will lead them for the next four years. You deserve a commissioner who will lead and take charge. Ottawa doesn’t need another commissioner to Monday morning quarterback a problem, grandstand on meaningless issues, or claim to be a watch dog of the people.

Ottawa needs a commissioner who will be a leader and that person is Brent Barron. Brent will listen to your concerns, and find solutions to your problems.

Meet Brent Barron:
Ottawa is and always will be my hometown. I am married to Anne Lauterjung. We have two children, Gertie and Sam, and reside on the Southside. I attended Ottawa Elementary (Lincoln and Central Jr. High) and OTHS. I received an Associate's degree in Economics from Illinois State University.

I am currently employed by the Department of Labor in Chicago since 1999 and I am serving my third term as President of AFGE Local 648.

I am a 15 year member of the Ottawa Plan Commission and current Commission Chair; a 15 year member and Chair of the Ottawa Tree Board; and I am a member and current Co-Chair of the Ottawa is Blooming committee. I served on the Form of Government Commission, North Side Entry Greenway Committee, and Sign Review Ordinance Committee.

I am past Board member and Board Chair of Easter Seals of LaSalle & Bureau Counties; past Board member of Resident's Against a Polluted Environment; and I have participated in the St. Baldrick's event here in Ottawa as a "Shavee" for 10 years.

On April 7, 2015, I would appreciate it if you would vote for me, Brent Barron for Commissioner of the City of Ottawa.

Thank you.

Key Ideas I believe Ottawa needs to address:
  • Redesign the rail crossings to eliminate traffic interference
  • Finish the work to clean the remaining radium hot spots
  • Expand access to higher education and training, so we have have the employees that the 21st century employers want and need
  • Move forward with plans for the development of the Central school site
  • Form a "Good Ideas" committee to make City government more efficient
  • Make the commuter train a reality
  • Integrate the new Dayton Bluff Preserve into the Ottawa park system
  • Build the I&M Canal bike trail connection to the downtown and the "Boyce Memorial Trail"
  • Expand our recycling efforts with the city
  • Finish connecting to I-Fiber
  • Build an "artist incubator" to expand our artist community and exposure to the arts

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I’m not in this race for any financial gain or need to fill up my spare time. I have dedicated my whole life to improve the lives of others. I believe I posses the qualities and experience to bring a new vision to the City Council of Ottawa. That is why I am seeking the position of Commissioner in my hometown. I want Ottawa to continue to work towards moving forward and with your help, we can get there together.

I am a self-funded candidate, and have not accepted any financial support from any individuals or groups. I am asking for your trust that I will serve you and the rest of the citizens of Ottawa with distinction and pride.
Thank you for your time and attention, I would appreciate your vote on Tuesday, April 7.

Brent Barron

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